A place in the sun

       Am/          D7/             G/               Em/
Like an old dusty road,  I get weary from the load,

              Am/    D7/           G/G/
moving on,        moving on.
              Am/               D7/                   G/                        Em/
like this tired troubled earth,  I've been rolling since my birth,
                Am/    D7/               G/    G/
moving on,            moving on.

                          ++Am/          D7/                     G/                Em/        
Cause  there's a  place in the sun, where there's hope for every one,
                             Am/           D7/              G/         G/

Where my poor restless heart's gotta run,
                 Am/            D7/           G/                        Em/                    
There's a place in the sun, and before my life is done,
Am/           D7/              G/         G/
Gotta find me a place in the sun.

       Am/             D7/                       G/                 Em/
Like a long lonely stream, I keep running toward a dream,
               Am/    D7/        G/    G/
moving on,          moving on.
           Am/         D7/                   G/             Em/
Like a branch on a tree,  I keep reaching to be free,
           Am/    D7/           G /G/
moving on,       moving on.