Carry on till tomorrow  The Badfinger

Am/               Em/
1. In younger days I've told my self,
 2. Beyond the shadow of the cloud
3. Drifting along the winds of feeling

        Am    Em/             Am/
1. my life would be my own,
2. And gone into the sky
3. And leave this stormy day

                          F/                                  G/               C-E7/ Am/
1. And I'll leave this place where sunshine never shone.
2. Carry on till I find the rainbows then
3. And I'll ride for tomorrows golden field+

                  F/                           G/
        +For my life too short for waiting
                        C         C-E7/  Am
        When I see the rising sun
                            Dm/               E7/                 Am /    Am/
        And I know again that I must carry on,

++           F/                G/
        Carry on till tomorrow,
                      C           C-E7/ Am
        There's no reason to look back,
                            F/          Em/        Am/    Am/
        Carry on, carry on, carry on.

 Am/                    Em /
4. And when the heavy journeys done,
Am        Em      /Am
I rest my weary head
                   F/           G/            C  C-E7/Am
In this world its color will be bright

              F/                        G/
        For my life too short for waiting.
                   C              C-E7/Am             Dm/                    E7/          Am/Am/
        When I see the setting  sun   ,And I know again that I must carry on,++