G/            Bm/      C/                                 D/                 G/
         I started a joke,         Which started the whole world crying
         Bm/   C/       D/       G/       Bm/   C/  
But I didn't see
                    D/               G/         Bm/    C /    D
That the joke was on me,              oh no!
            G/               Bm/   C/                            D/                      G/      Bm/   C/
I started to cry,         Which started the whole world laughing
                                   D        G/             Bm/   C/
               Oh, if  I'd  only seen         oh yes
                         D/               G/      G/    
That the joke was on me.

*Em/    Em/                  Bm/   Bm/
I             looked at the skies     
                             C/     C/           G/     G/
Running my hands        over my eyes
    Bm/   Bm/             Em/          Em/
And   I           fell out of bed     Hurting
           C /    C/                   /       D      D/
  my head      From things that I'd said
G/            Bm/     C/                              D/               G/       
Till I finally died        Which started the whole world living
          Bm/            C/           DG /         Bm/   /              CD    G/  *    
              Oh, if I'd only seen      That the joke         was on me      
               Bm/                       C/       D/      G   /Bm/ C/ D/  G/ Bm /  C/   D               
                That the joke was on me          ar...