/C  /F  /Dm  /G

                          / C               / F                      /C           
I wanna be free, like the blue bird flying by me
                    / F                      /C                     
Like the waves out on the blue sea.
/ F                     / Em               /Dm                 G G7
If your love has to tie me, don't try me say goodbye.

/                 / C                        /F                        /C           
I wanna be free, don't say you love me, say you like me
        / F                /  C
When I need you beside me
       / F                    /  Em           /Dm              / G  G7
Stay close enough to guide me, confide in me, wow.....

   /  Em                           / Dm                            /Em
I wanna hold your hand walk along the sand laughing in the sun,
   / Dm                     / Em            
always having fun doing all those things,
             /Dm                             /G  G7
Without any strings to tie me down.

/                / C                 /F                       /C               
I wanna be free, like the warm September wind babe,
 / F                  / C   
Say you'll always be my friend babe,
         /F                  / Em           / Dm                 G  G7/
we can make it to the end, babe...again babe..., I gotta say;
                    C/            F/            C/           F/          G/     
I want to be free,    I want to be free, I want to be free.