I wanna hold your hand    in C

C C D / C C D/   D7/

 G                             D7/        Em/                     Bm/       
Oh yeah, I, tell you something,      I think you’ll understand,
  G/                   D/           Em/              
When I, say that something,    I wanna hold your hand.
C                D/           G    Em/   C            D/             G/    
I wanna hold your ha---nd,       I wanna hold your hand.

        G/              D7/    Em/                                 Bm/
Oh please, say to me,     You’ll let me be your man,
    G/              D/     Em/                              Bm/
And please, say to me,
      You’ll let me hold your hand.
C             D/              G    Em/   C          D/             G/        
You’ll let me hold your ha---nd,      I wanna hold your hand.

** Dm7/                G7 /                     C        Am           
And when I touch you I feel happy, inside,
Dm7/                    G7/                  D         
It’s such a feeling that my love,

C  C     D
/     C  C     D/    C  C     D/   D7
I can’t hide    I can’t hide    I can’t hide

     G                      D7/        Em/                         Bm/     
Yeah you, got that something,
     I think you’ll understand,
          G                     D7/         Em/                       Bm/       
When I,  hear that something,    I wanna hold your hand.
   C          D/          G    Em/        C           D/        G/         
I wanna hold your ha---nd,    I wanna hold your hand.