If You Love Me (Let Me Know)
         G/               G/                G/ G/
You came when I was happy in your sunshine
         G/                G/                D/   D7/ 
I grew to love you more each passing day
       C/                C/                  G/  G/
Before too long I built my world around you
             Am/              D7/           G/    G7/
And I prayed you'd love enough of me to stay
       C/                C/   
If you love me let me know
      G/               G/
If you don't then let me go
         D7/              D7/   
I can't take another minute
     G/                 G7/
Of a day without you in it

       C/            C/
If you love me let it be
      G/               G/
If you don't then set me free
Take the chains away
        C/             C/     C/
That keep me loving you
       G/               G/              G/   G/
The arms that open wide to hold me closer
         G/                    G/                D/  D7/ 
The hands that run their fingers through my hair
         C/               C/                   G/   G/
The smile that says hello it's good to see you
      Am/               Am/          G/ G7/
Anytime I turn around to find you there
       G/                 G/                   G/G/
It's this and so much more that make me love you
           G/        G7/              D7/ D7/
What else can I do to make you see
        G/                G/                G/  G/
You know you have whatever's mine to give you
            Am/           D7/            G/  G/  
But a love affair for one can never be