to Am

 *Dm/                   C/                  Dm       Gm/             Dm/    
Time is like a dream and now for a time you are mine,
            C/                     Gm/               F                Dm/          Gm/        
Let's hold fast to the dream that tastes and sparkles like wine,
         Cm/                 F7/                 Cm7/                             Gm/
Who knows if it's real or just something We both dreaming of,
          Bb                 F/            Eb/              Dm                  D7     Gm/
What seems like an interlude now,   Could be the   beginning of love.

         Gm               F /              Dm/
Loving you is a world that's strange,
             Gm                         Cm7/         F7/       
So much more than my heart can hold,
               Cm/                                  Gm/       Eb
   Loving you makes the whole world change,
                        Cm/                  Dm7  F/         
loving you I could not grow old,

Bb/               Dm/                          Cm/
No, nobody knows when love will end,
          Gm       Dm7  Gm/
So till then,    sweet friend