Let it be me 
in G

C/                    G/                    Am/              Em/                          
I bless the day I found You,    I want to stay around you
F/               C/      Dm7/              C/     
And so I beg you,     Let it be me.

C/                            G/                    Am/                   Em/                          
Don't take this heaven from one,      If you must cling to some one
F/                   C/      Dm7/                C C7/
Now and forever         let it be me

F/                         C/           F/                   C/                 
Each time we meet love      I find complete love
F/                         C/         Am/                       E/         
without your sweet love      what would life be?

   C/               G/                     Am/                  Em/                     
so never leave me lonely,      tell me you'll love me only
F/                      C/      Dm7/              C/     
 and that you always,          Let it be me.