Our last song together

C/      F/     C/     G7/
C/                        F/                    C/                            G7/               
Day of devils, Kings and clowns.   Angel songs and birthday tunes.
C/                          F/              C/                              G7/                           
Valentines and wishing wells, the magic stairways, moon and Junes.
F/                           C/                 F/                              C/        
Silly rhymes and monkeys shines.  The pictures on the stage,
      F/                              C/            F/                    G/      G7/
Round and round the records go,  time to turn a page.

   ++F/                              C/              G7/                         C/                       
This will be our last song together,  words will only make us cry.
      F/                               C/               G7/                       C/    G7/               C/      C/         
This will be our last song together,   there's no other way,  We can say goodbye.

C/                  F/                 C/                            G7/                        
Misty faces,  far off places.  Come and dances across the moon.
C/                          F/            C/                                     G7/                     
Sha-la-la and doo-be-dahs,   The sounds that shake away the blues.
    F/                       C/      F/                                        C/
Yesterday is yesterday, The past is dead and gone.
        F/                          C/                 F/                         G/    G7/
Nostalgia just can't skip away.     Let's not hanging on.  ++

C/                                F/                C/                         G7/                      
Now we'll go our separated wayleave the world we used to know
C/                         F/     C/                  G7/          
Scratchy voice out 45,     an echo of the radio
F/                                 C/            F/                                  C/       
The cha-la days are over now,    those days of me and you
   F/                       C/                                   F/                      C/ ++      
Now we know what can break you nose,   is really hard to do