Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 

to G
/                                   F/         ]
You []better watch out    You [better not cry
C/                            F/              ]
]Better not pout     I'm [telling you why  
             C      Am/           G/            C    G /          ]
]Santa [ Claus is []coming to []town  []

C/ [                              F/             
  making a list    And []checking it twice
C/                                   F/              
]Gonna find out    Who's []naughty and nice
                                   C     Am  [      G/]G             C/                                         ]
] Claus is coming to []town
F/                                       [F/
  He sees you when you're sleeping

    F/]A7                        D7/                G7/                                  G7/         [
 He [knows when you're awake           He []knows if you've been ]bad or good
 G/                              C/
So be [
]good for goodness sake  [

C/                                          F/        
Oh! You better watch out!
            You better not cry.
C/                            F/             
Better not pout,
     I'm telling you why.
       C      Am/           G/             G/    
Santa Claus is coming to town.
        C      Am/          G/           C   G /    
Santa Claus is coming to town.