Streets of London    *
C/                         G/                Am/                    Em/
Have you seen the old man in the closed down Market
           F/                  C/                D7/                G7/
           Kicking at the papers with his worn out shoes
C/                            G/                     Am/                     Em/
In his eyes you see no pride hands held loosely by his side
            F/                      C /             G7 /         C /  C/          
Yesterday's  papers telling yesterday's news
           ++               F  /           Em/                   C/     Am /                      
So how can you tell me that you're lone ly     
G /                     G/                                C /   G/
and say  for you that the sun don't shine
     C/                 G/                      Am/                        Em  /                  
Let me take you by the hand and,  lead you through the streets of London
F/                          C/              G7/                                  C/   C/
I'll show you something to make you change your mind

C/                    G/                    
Am/                    Em/
Have you seen the old girl who walks the street of London
         F/         C/                D7/            G7/    
Dirt in her hair and her clothes in rag
C/                            G/                     Am/                     Em/
She's no time for talking she just keeps right on walking
        F/              C /           G7 /                 C /   C/
Carrying her home in two carrier bags  ++

C/                    G/                     Am/                    Em/
And in the all night cafe at a quarter past eleven 
F/                  C/                D7/                 G7/
Same old man sitting there on his  own
         C/                   G/                     Am/              Em/       
Looking at the world over the rim of his tea cup
   F/                   C /           G7 /                              C /   C/
And each tea last an hour and he wanders home alone

C/                    G/                     Am/                    Em/
Have you seen the old man,  Outside the seaman's mission
F/                  C/                D7/                 G7/
Memory fading with the medal ribbons that he wears
            C/                G/           Am/                     Em/         
In our city winter the rain cries little pity
F/                            C /               G7 /                   C /     C/
For one more forgotten hero, And a world which doesn't care ++