The Last Thing ON My Mind

C/F/C/C/  G7/G7/C/C/

              C/              F/                C/      F/               C/   G/               C/   C/
It's a lesson too late for the learning    Made of sand,    made of sand
            C/                 F/                       C/     F/                C/   G/                    C/    C/
In the wink of an eye my soul is turning    In your hand,   in your your hand.

                G/         G7/                Am/                C/
++Are you going away with no word of farewell?
                    C/             C/            G/         G7/
Will there be not a trace left behind?
        C/                          F/                     C/              C/
Well, I could have loved you better,    I didn't mean to be unkind
                C/                      G/                           C/   C/
You know that was the last thing on my mind

             C/                     F/                         C/        F/                       C/   G/                    C/   C/
As we walk on,   my thoughts keep a tumbling,    ' Round and round,     round and round,
                   C/          F/                       C/        F/                C/    G/              C/    C/
Underneath our feet the subway's rumbling,   Underground,  underground.  ++

                             C/            F/             C/       F/            C/     G/                C/      C/
You got reasons a plenty for going,       This I know,   this I know.
        C/                           F/              C/     F/                 C/       G/          C/      C/
For the weeds have been steadily growing     Please don't go,    please don't go. ++


# As I lie in my bed in the morning, without you, without you.
Every song  in my breast lies a borning, without you, without you.