What Have They Done to the Rain?

C/           C/        
Dm7/         G/       
Just a little rain falling all around, 
Em/                  G/                C/                C/
 The grass lifts its head to the heavenly sound,
Am/        Am/        Em/      Em/         F/               F/                 G/  G/  
Just a little rain, just a little rain,   What have they done to the rain?

C/               C/           Dm7/        G/       
Just a little boy standing in the rain,
  Em/                        G7/            C/   C/
  The gentle rain that falls for years.
Am/                  Am/           Em/               Em/  
And the grass is gone,  The boy disappears,
          F/                  F/                 C/            C/             
And rain keeps falling like helpless tears,
Dm/                            Dm7/            G/  G/  
 And what have they done to the rain?

   C/              C/        Dm7/           G/       
Just a little breeze out of the sky,
Em/                   G/                     C/                   C/
The leaves nod their hands as the breeze blows by,
     Am/                    Am/               Em/             Em/       
Just a little breeze with some smoke in its eye, 
F/                       F/             G/  G/
What have they done to the rain?