All I have to do is dream

C          Am /   F            G  /    C     Am/ 
Dream, dream, dream, dream......dream.....
F                          G/                   C         Am /
Dream, dream, dream,      when I want you.
 F            G/             C          Am/    
In my arms when I want you,
F                          G/         C                   Am /
and all your charms when ever I want you
              F            G/     C    Am      /             
All I have to do is dream......,

F                           G/             C          Am /
Dream, dream, dream when I feel blue,
 F            G/         C          Am    /
In the night and I need you.
F                     G/         C                   Am      /
To hold me tight whenever I want you,
F            G/     C         Am / F
All I have to do is dream......

F                                   /Em                            /F                            C/      
I can make you mine, taste your lips of wine.   Anytime, night or day.
     F                     /Em                   /Dm                   G/         
Only trouble is,  gee whiz, I'm dreaming my life away.

            C              Am/     F            G/      C           Am /         
I need you so,  that I could die,   I love you so,
F                 G/       C                 Am /
And that is why whenever I want you,
                   F                    G/         C              Am / F   /C          
All I have to do  is dream............eam.