And I love You So   to G    to C

/                    Bm/     E/                               A/         
And I love you so
         The people ask me how
       F#m  /                     Bm/   D/                               E/              
How I've lived till now
      I tell them I don't know

/                            Bm/  E/                               A/        
I guess they understand
      How lonely life has been
/                   Bm/        D/                                   A/         
But life began again
            The day you took my hand

             #       A/         A/         Bm/             Bm/          
And yes, I know how lonely life can be

  E/                E/                  A/                         
The shadows follow me and the night won't set me free

F#m/       Bm/               Bm/      
But I don't let the evening get me down
    E/                      A/             A/ 
Now that you're around me

A/                           Bm/     E/                                           A    /
And you love me, too          Your thoughts are just for me
          F#m/                      Bm/    D/                               E/               
You set my spirit free
         I'm happy that you do

/                              Bm/      E/                              A /       
The book of love is brief
      And once a page is read
/                       Bm/           D/                     A/   #       
All but life is dead
               That is my belief