Country road

G/           G/         Em/          Em    /    
1.Almost heaven     West Virginia
2.All my memories,  Gather round her

D/                     D/              C/                G   /
Blue Ridged Mountains, Shenandoah river
     miners      lady        stranger to blue water
G/          G/          Em/                 Em/       
Life is old there  older than the trees
and dusty, painted on the sky

D/                 D/              C/                 G/            
Younger then mountains, growing like a breeze.
Misty taste of moonshines     teardrop in my eyes       

   *       G/       G/               D/     D/       Em/   Em/  C/   C/
Country roads,       take me home      to the place I    belong
               G/   G/                        D/  D/
West Virginia,      mountain momma,
                        C/    C/                 G/    G/
Take me home,    country roads

Em/                  D/                 G/                     G              /
I hear   the voice, in the morning hours she calls me.
   C/       G/                    D/               D/
the radio reminds me of my home far away.
     Em/                        F/                 C/
And driving down the road I get a feeling
G/                                        D/   D/        D7/
That I should have been home yesterday,   Yesterday.......

             G/     G/               D/     D/       Em/   Em/    C  /C/
Country roads,    take me home   to the place    I belong
              G/    G/                        D/ D/
West Virginia,   mountain momma,
             C/    C/                 G/G/  *
Take me home,  country roads