Devoted to you
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       C                   /G7           C/      C                 / G7          C/       
Daring, you can count on me      till the sun dries up the  sea.
    F      Em/      F         C/        F     G7/       C  /     
Until then I'll always be      Devoted to you.

C                          /  G7         C/      C                    /G7         C/ 
I'll be yours through endless time    I'll adore your charms sublime
      F          Em/          F         C/        F    G7/        C   / 
Guess by now you know that I'm      devoted to   you.

  Dm          F/         Em       C /             F/             C /
++I'll never hurt you, I'll never lie.   I'll never be untrue
      Dm       F /           Em         F /      Dm/                G7         C/         
I'll never give you reason to cry.   I'd be unhappy if you were blue

C                              /G7        C /          C            /G7         C/
Through the years my love will grow,     like a river it will flow,
F        Em/    F            C/           F       G7/     C/
It can't die because I'm so          devoted to you.  

 F    G7/      C  /
devoted to you.