Don't forget to remember
to G

/     C/                      G/                               C/
Oh my heart won't believe that you have left me
C7/             F/           F/            C/      /
I keep telling myself that it's true
G/              C/              C7/                F/            D7        /
I can get over anything you want my love
          G/            G7/                 C/
But I can't get myself over you

*G/                C/            C/                 C/                               C/                      .
Don't forget to remember me     And the love that used to be
G/                    G/             F/                  /
I still remember you , I love you

C    G/        C/                 C/          F/                                  F/        .
In my heart lies a memory    to tell the stars above
                C/             G/                  C   F/
Don't forget to remember me my love

C  G/            C/           G/                    C            /
On my wall lies a photograph of you girl
C7/             F/          F/                 C/      /
Though I try to forget you somehow
G/              C/              C7/                      F/            D7  /
You're the mirror of my soul so take me out of my hole
          G/              G7/               C/
Let me try to go on living right now