Key: C  3/4   to D    

C/     Dm/   C/        F/     C/       C/                  F/   G7/
Edelweiss,   Edelweiss,   Every morning you greet me
C/        Dm/          C/          F/
small and white   clean and bright
 C/          G7/         C/     C/
you look happy to meet me

Dm/           G7/                   C/             C/
Blossom of snow may you, bloom and grow,
   F/             Dm/         G/    G7/
Bloom and grow        for ever

C/        Dm/   C/        F/        C/        G7/             C/   C/
Edelweiss,  Edelweiss,     Bless my home land forever