Evergreen tree

C/Am/C/Am C/Am/C/Am

          C/                C/                       Am/          Am/
Oh darling will our love be like an evergreen tree
           Dm/              Dm/          G7/                C/       Am/
Stay evergreen young       as the seasons go

       C/                  C/                            Am/        Am/
Your kisses could make love grow like and evergreen tree
           Dm/              Dm/          G7/                  C/   C/
Bloom in the summer sun and the winter snow

Am/                               Em/    
*On every branch will blossom
Am/                        Em/
Dreams for me and you
Am/                        Em/
Our tree of love will stay evergreen
    F/                            G/   G7/
If our hearts stay ever true

        C/                   C/               Am/                 Am/
Darling I love you so don't you know that I'll be
 Dm/              Dm/                  G7/                  C/   C/
True till the leaves turn blue on the ever green tree  *

Am/                     C/       Am/                     C/
On the ever green tree    On the ever green tree
Am/     C/    Am/     C/