Word and Music by John Denver    goto D

       Am/                 G/                     C/           Dm        Em/          Dm7/             G7/
It's by far the hardest thing I've ever done,  To be so in love with you and so alone.
              C/              F/       C/                          F/                    
Follow me where I go,    all the way and all around.
   C/                       F            G/      C/   C/  
 Take my hand, say you'll follow me.

      C/                        G/                           F/                        C / 
It's long been on my mind, you know it's been a long, long time.
  Am/                   G /                F/                         G/     
I've tried to find a way that I can make you understand.
            F/                  C/                   F/                       C/  
The way I feel about you, and just how much I need you,
F               Em/           Dm7/                 F/                      G G7/      G/
to be there where I can talk to you when there's no one else around.

              C/            F/             C/                    F/  
Follow me where I go, what I do, and who I know.
C/              Dm7/            G7/  G7/          C/            Dm7/ 
Make it part of you to be a part of me.     Follow me up and down,
C/                    F/         C /                    F     G/          C/       C/     
all the way and all around.     Take my hand, say you'll follow me.

                C/                         G/                            F/                        C / 
You see, I'd like to share my life with you, and show you thing I've seen,
        Am/                   G /            F/                         G/       
the places that I'm going to,  places where I've been,
        F/                           C/            F/            C/  
to have you there beside me,  to never be alone,
            F        Em /                     Dm7/             F/                 G G7/  G/ ++
  and all the time when you're with me,  then we will be at home.
    C/                         F       G/         C/
 Take my hand, say you'll follow me.___