Let me be there

55 6 1 3/ C / 232 1 6 1
 /C                        /C     /C                                   /F                /C            
Wherever you go,  
  wherever you may wander in your life
              /C       /C                                   /G 
Surley I know
,      I'll always wanna be there
                            /C       /C                                   / F                      /C       
Holding your hand,     and standing by to catch you when you fall
                           /C        /G                       /  /C 
Seeing you through
,      In ev'rything you do

             /C                            /C                    /F                          /F         
Let me be there in your morning
,   Let me be there in your night,
                         / C                            /C                           /Dm    /G      
Let me change whatever wrong,     and make it right

                 /C                                        /C7                  /F                       /F               
Let me take you through that wonderland,    That only two can share,
                   /C         /G                   /C     . /C6531 
All I ask you
,         is let me be there

                              /C      /C                                           /F              /C         
Watching you grow
,     And going though the changes in your life
                     /C           /C                                  /G        
That's how I know,       I'll always wanna be there

                            /C       /C                                  / F                /C        
Whenever you feel
,       You need a friend to lean on here I am
                          /C        /G                                 /C
Whenever you call
,       You know I'll be there


G              C