Elvis Presley  Written by Shirl Milete

Somewhere out in empty space 
 C/                                G7/
Long before the human race something stirred
  Dm/                           Dm             G7/ 
A vast and timeless source began intelligence was born 
And then there was the world

C/                      C/     
Powers filled the universe matter formed 
And broke the curse of nothingness
G7/                           G7/                           
Love became an ageless soul nature reached her highest goal
    C/                           G7/               C/        
And breathed the breath of life  everlasting life

Well creatures come from out of sight 
      C/                                    G7/  
Daylight came from in the night and all was good
Dm/                           Dm      
Life became a master-plan love produced 
G7/                   C/
A perfect Man that understood

C/                           C/     
The image of the Maker's word worshiped Him 
With all He had but then one day
     G7/                                    G7/                     
From in the depths an evil seed grew and manufactured greed
 C/                       G7/                C/         
That changed the way of life  everlasting life

Oh the loving power looked and saw
 C/                                G7/
Inside the heart of man a flaw began to grow
     Dm/              Dm              G7/        
Well the fires of hell began to burn 
    G7/                           C/
And so He sent His chosen Son to let us know

That love had surely made us all 
C/                                       F/
And hate would surely make us fall so from the cross
     G7/                               G7/
Well He showed the world that dreadful day 
That love could be the only way 
   C/              G7/                C/
Or all is lost of life  everlasting life
            G7/               F/    Fm C/
For life is love and love is life