The long and winding road
       Am           Em  /     F /              C   C7/            F/ 
The long and winding road,   that leads   to your door
F          Em/         Am /   Dm                G/          C/  
Will never disappear,      I've seen that road before
   F     Em /               Am/    Dm        G7/          C /     
It always leads me here,    lead me to your door

           Am       Em/         F /             C         C7/       F/        
The wild and windy night,    that the rain wasted away
F          Em/            Am    Dm             G/    C/     
Has left a pool of tears,          crying for the day.
  F        Em/               Am/      Dm        G7/           C/    
Why leave me standing here,    let me know the way

                  C                   F/            C                     Dm  /                
Many time  I've been alone,  and many times I've cried
      C                            F/                 C               G7  /   
Anyway you'll never know,    the many ways I've tried

Am                 Em/         F /               C    C7/      F/     
But, still they lead me back   to the long  winding road
F                 Em/        Am/    Dm     G/          C/     
You left me standing here,     a long long time ago
F             Em/          Am/       Dm         G7/           C/
Don't leave me waiting here,      lead me to your door


         Am    Em  /       F /    C   C7/    F/
F    Em/  Am/       Dm  G7/   C/
 F/                 C/          
Da Da Da Da------