Love's not for me
                      Am/                  F/               G7/                         C/                 
1. I've always run away    From things that tie me down
2. I see my goal ahead      With nothing in the way
                        G7       C/            Em              Am/   Am/            
My life I  love      But love's not for me
If love should come     Then I'll run away

   C             Am/         F         G /              G7/             A/                                  
3. I've always been the type of man       Who's dedicated to his cause
4. There comes a time when you must choose     About the path you're gonna take

                         Am                C/                             G/                     C/                
And it's lonely road I run         But I'll stay faithful to my course
And you must take it win or lose         And it you lose it's your mistake

                                                              Am/                G G7/                           
3. There's only one direction
(Solo)   Am/    F/    G7/    C/  G7 C/  Am/   Am/ 
                   Am/           G  G7/
 4.There's only one direction

Am/                     F/               G7/               C/
5. So when the race is won      And there's nothing left to do
          G7         C/          Em          Am/        Am/    
Alone again,    but where are you    

       G7       C/          Em      Am/  Am/    
Alone again,     but where are you