My sentimental friend
to C

C/ Em/ F/Em/

G                D/                 F                   C/       Em                G /           F/       
On the floor, the people dancing around         Moving close together
 C/                               G/                          C/               
But there all alone in the corner,  There's the girl I once knew,
Who broke me in two.

                      G/                                        Em       G7/
*So won't you please play a song,  A sentimental song
                   C/                              D7/
For my sentimental friend over there.
                    F/                                F /              
We've been so long apart  Make it go right to the heart
                Am/                         D7/                  G                 Em/  
Of my sentimental friend over there.  Bring the tears to her eyes
        G            Em/            C/                                             Cm/
Help to make her realize  The love we had was just beyond compare.
G/                                  D7/                    
And then if the time is right  Maybe I'll hold her tight
            C/                                 G  D7/
My sentimental friend over there.

G             D/            F                    C/       Em              G /              F/          
I recall the way she used to feel      When we heard a sad song
  C/                                           G/                  C/             
The teardrops would fall  And she'd hold me  And tell me,  She'd be
  D7/   *        
 for ever with me.

    G/   * to  #
So won't you please play a song ......