C         F/              G        C/ 
  Someone else is in your arms tonight
C              G/          Dm/
   While I'm all alone and blue
Dm            F/                Am         F/  
  Someone else would kiss and hold you tight
  F          F /         G/   
    Just the way I used to do
   G     F/     Am        F/   F         F/           Am   C/
    I used  to be your love     And now I'm your used to be
G   G/ C  Dm/ Dm  F/    Em/
   Outsider…,   that's me

C             F/       G                C/ 
 You'll be dancing cheek to cheek with him
  C          G/        Dm/  
    To our favorite melody
Dm          F/               Am      F/       
 And the tender words you speak to him   
F         F/                G/   
Will be words you spoke to me
G       F /      Am       F/  F         F/         Am       C/
   Once  I  was in your heart    Now someone else holds the key
* G     G/ C  Dm/    Dm  F/  C/     
   Out~sider…,   that's me 

 C     F/          G        G/      
   I want you so much(so much),   
          Dm            Dm/               Dm/    
I can look ( you can look), but mustn't touch

C             F/             G       C/ 
  I  keep waiting for the phone to ring
  C          G/                Dm/  
     But I  know it's all in vain
Dm           F/              Am    F/   
  When you left me you took everything
F             F/             G/
   But the memories and the pain
      G     F/       Am      F/  F      F/            Am     C/  C/ *
  I  used to be your love     And now I'm your used to be

12 3^4 3215 33   3455432
2354326 44  4566545
34 5 5^6 11 7217615
65352  3^4 321  

64615 (15) 312 (312) 21712