Pocketful of music

C/                    C/                               Am/              F/
I don't needed no fancy mansions    Got no time to follow fashions
                    Dm       Dm7/         G7/                        C/        
All that wheeling dealing  aren't my kind of style
         C/                          C/                            Am/                     F/
I don't chase  for fame and fortune   'cause that just aren't my intention
      Dm       Dm7/             G/             C/
All I want is to be   running free and wild

C/                          F/          F/                                  C/
I got a day full of sunshine    Got a heart full of love
    C/                              G7/     G/                                           C/
Got a mind full of daydreams    Someone smiling from above
C/                          F/      F/                  C/
I got a pocketful of music     sweet melodies
 C/                        G/         G/                              C/  
Got a pocketful of music    To keep me company

   C/                    C/                        Am/              F/
Why do people keep on rushing   Fuzzling, fighting never thinking
                Dm     Dm7/       G7/                      C/
That they'll only wind up   wasting their own time
              C/                           C/                Am/                         F/  
There's a robin up there winging    Feeling joy that life is bringing
Dm      Dm7/                 G/                       C/
Stay with me a while    let's find some peace of mind.