Rock me gently  Andy Kim

  C/                      F/                C/                             F/                          
Ain't it good,    ain't it right.    That you're with me   here tonight
               C/                          F/                             C/      F G/     
Music playing our   bodies swaying in time
C/                        F/                            C/                          F/                             
Touching you    so warm and tender,  Lord I feel such     sweet surrender
           C/                         F/                              C/         F/ G/     
Beautiful is the   dream that makes you mine.

C/                    F/                        C/                      F /           
*So rock me gently   rock me slowly,   Take it easy don't you know.
        C/                        Dm /                    C/       
That I have never been loved like this before

*F/                C/                     F/                       C/                  F /                    
Baby baby,   rock me gently,  Rock me slowly  take it easy don't you known
                            C/                            Dm/                  C/ C7 F/  C/  
That I have never been loved like this before.

          C/                   F/                         C/                         F/
Oh my darling   on my baby, You got the moves that drive me crazy
              C/                       F/                  C/  F G/
And on your face I see a trace of love.
                       C/                      F/                        C/                         F/
come hold me close don't let me go,     I need you honey     I love you so
 C/                                 F/                             C//   F  G/
You were made for me   by the stars above.  *

##C/                   F/                               C/                      F  /               
Rock me gently     rock me slowly,    Take it easy don't you know
     C/                            Dm/                   C /           
That I have never been love like this before.....

C/                      F           /
An't it good,        ain't it right
                   G7/                  F  G/ ##
That you are with me here to---night   .