Silent Night
C/              C/                 G/            C/           
Silent night, holy night      All is calm,  All is bright
F/                 F/       C/                 C/ 
Round yon Virgin,   Mother and Child
F/       F/          C/                 C/
Holy Infant  so Tender and mild,
G/           G/         C/           C/
Sleep in heavenly     peace....    ,
C/            G/          C/
Sleep in heavenly peace.

C/           C/                  G/                    C/           
Silent night, holy night      Shepherds quake at the sight,
     F/            F/          C/          C/     
Glories stream from   heaven afar,
F/                 F/        C/                C/ 
Heavenly hosts          sing Alleleulia
G/           G/         C/           C/   C/            G/          C/
Christ the Saviour is born!    Christ the saviour is born.

C/          C/                G/               C/              
Silent night, holy night    Son of God,   love's pure light
F/                 F/             C/           C/ 
Radiant beams from     Thy holy face
   F/              F/       C/            C/      
with the dawn of redeeming grace,
G/           G/         C/    C/       C/            G/        C/     
Jesus Lord at thy birth,           Jesus Lord at thy birth.