Sometimes when we touch
     C/                    F/
                 G/                 C/
You ask me if I love you,    And I choke on my reply
       Em/                    Am/                 Dm/                      G/
I’m rather hurt you honesty,   Than mislead you with a lie
               Dm7      Dm/             G7/                C           G/  Am   C  /     
And who am I  to judge you         On what you say or do
                 F/                  C/               Am/          G/       G7/
I’m only just beginning,      to see the real you

*C/                           F/                 G/              Em/
Sometimes when we touch,     The honesty’s too much
                   Am/                    Dm/          GF/ Em Dm/            C/                F/             
And I have to close my eyes and hide.            I wanna hold you till I die
                          G/                           Em/            Dm7/                     F  /             C/   Am /  F /  G/ C
Till we both break down and cry.  I wanna hold you till the fear in me subside
         F/                    G/                     C/
Romance and all its strategy, Leaves me battling with my pride
        Em/             Am/               Dm/                      G/
But through the insecurity,   Some tenderness survives
      Dm7      Dm/        G7/                    C        G/   Am     C/
I’m just another writer         Or trapped within my truths
                      F/              C/                Am/                     G/ G7/  *       
A hesitant prize fighter      still trapped within my truths

F/    Dm/                            D7/                  F/                        Cmaj7/
At time I’d like to break you.    And drive you to your knees
  Am/                                 Em/                        F/                 G/  G7/
At times I’d like to break through.     And hold you endlessly
C/                             F/
                G/                            C/
At time I’m understand you. And I know how hard you’re tried
         Em/                             Am/                         Dm/                              G/
I‘ve watched while love commands you,   And I’ve watched  love pass you by
      Dm7      Dm/             G7/              C        G/         Am     C/
At times I think we’re drifters       Still searching for a friend
                   F/                   C/                        Am/               G/   G7/ go to*

A brother or a sister.     But then the passion flares again