There's A Kind Of Hush

C/          E7/     Am/           C7/
There's A Kind Of Hush All over the world tonight
          F/                   G/                    C/
All over the world you can Hear the sound of lovers in love

You know what I mean
     C/     E7/             Am/      C7/
Just the two of us  and nobody else  In sight
 there's nobody else and
          G7/                 C  C7/
I'm feeling good just holding you tight

    F/              F6
So listen very carefully
    Fm7/         F/            C/
Get closer now and  You will see what I mean It isn't a dream
 F/                      F6
The only sound that you will hear 
    Fm7/         F/           G/
Is when I whisper in your ear I love you, forever and ever

La la la la......