THIS IS MY SONG     4/4   3/4

    C/                           Am/     C/                           Am/      
Why is my heart so light   Why are the stars so bright
        F                 G  /   Em/                 Am/             G   Em/  

Why is the sky so blue     Since the hour I met you

C/                                    Am/   C/                         Am/
Flowers are smiling bright    Smiling for our delight
F             G  /    Em/             Am/                G/ 
Smiling so tenderly   For the world, you and me

       C/                                       Am  /    Em /                       G/    
I know why the world is smiling    Smiling so tenderly
     Am/                           F/     Dm/          Em/ Em
Its just the same old story    Thru all eternity

C/                      Em/
Love, this is my song
         Am/                           F/

Here is a song, a serenade to you
Em/                        Am/

The world cannot be wrong
               G/               G/

If in this world there's you
          Dm/                   Em /             F G/     

I care not what the world may say
 Em/                                  Em/

Without your love there is no day
C/                         Em/

So Love, this is my song
             Am/                        C/
Here is a song, a serenade to you