To Love Somebody
(Bothers Gibb) goto C

                   A/         Bm /                              .
There's a light         A certain kind of light
 D/                                  A/        .
That never shone on me
G/                              A/                     E/                       D/       .
I want my life to be   To live with you  To live with you
                         A/   Bm /                              .
There's a way            Everybody says
D/                                         A/     .
To do each and every little thing
G/                             A/                       E/             D/                  .
But what good does it bring    If I ain't got you    Ain't got... baby

++A/                                E/        
You don't know what it's like
       D/                               A/ 
Baby, you don't know what it's like
               E/                              D/
To love somebody   To love somebody
                                A/    E/ E/
The way I love you

                       A/      Bm /                              .
Mmm, in my brain         I see your face again
D/                                   A/    G/                                    A      /
I know my frame of mind     You ain't got to be so blind
             E/                         D/
And I'm blind, so so so very blind

          A/     Bm/                                  D/                                    A/
I'm a man,       can't you see what I am      I live and I breathe for you
G/                                  A/                        E/               D/              .
But what good does it do    If I ain't got you  Ain't got... baby

E/                    E/             
I love you    No-no-no-no-no-no