What is a youth

Am/                    Em/                           F/          
What is a youth?    Impetuous fire.
                      C/                          Dm/                                        Am/ 
What is a maid?           Ice and desire.        The world wags on
                      Em/                                   F/ 
A rose will bloom,       it then will fade
                 Dm/             Em/                   Am/            Em    Am/                  
So does   a   youth.        So does   the fairest maid.
Am/                          F/                           
Comes a time when one sweet smile
Em/                               Dm/                                                    Em/
Has its season for awhile          Then Love's in love with me

                       C/                                       F  C/                Dm          Am/               C   G/                      
Some may think only to marry.           Others will tease and tarry.
        C/                                       F  C/              Dm               F              E/                  
Mine is the very best parry,             Cupid he rules us all.

           Am             E/            Am        E/                    C                        G/                C           G/              
Caper the caper; sing me the song         Death will come soon to hush us along
    Am              E/                 Am          G/             C                   G/                    Am            E/
Sweeter than honey and bitter as gall,         Love is the pastime that never will pall.
                   Am              E/                 Am          G/                C                Em   Am/                   
Sweeter than honey and bitter as gall,        Cupid he rules us all.

   Am/                    Em/                                     F/            
A rose will bloom,           it then will fade.
     Dm/              Em/             Am/          Em        Am/   
So does a youth.       So does the fairest maid.