C/    Em/       Cmaj7/

1. When I was just a little BOY/girl,
2. When I grew up and fell in love,
3. Now I had children of my own,

       Em/             Em/   Am7/           F/                Dm/    
I asked my mother,   "What will I be?-----------------
I asked my lover, "What lies a head?-----------------
They asked their parents, "What will I be?---------------

    G7/               Cmaj7/               F /         G7/        F /                 G7/      C / C/
Will I be handsome/pretty?     Will I be rich?     Here's what she said to me.
      Will we have rain-bow?       Day after day?    Here' s what my sweetheart said.
Will I be pretty?  Will I be rich? I tell them tenderly.

F/           F/               F/           F/         
  "Que Sera,           Sera. ---------------   
             G/       Cmaj7/    C/               C7/
What ever will be,  will be.----------
         Dm/            G/         G7/
The futures not ours to see.
      G7/     Cmaj7/     C/            C7/           
    Que Sera, Sera!-----------------
          G7/          Dm/          C/            C/
  What will be, will be"

3.     Dm     F        C
                 Que Sera, Sera.........