Yellow bird

 C/        G/       Dm        G/         C  /      C/       G/        Dm       G /         C/   
Yellow bird,  up high in banana tree,  Yellow bird, you sit all alone like us,
F/                           C/                              
Did you lady friend, leave your nest again?
G7/                        C/                            
That is very sad, makes me feel so bad,
F/                       Dm7/                      
You can fly away,  in the sky away,
G7/                              C/
you're more lucky than me.

C/                  Dm/            G/                        C/
I also had a lady friend, She's not with me today.
 C/                                Dm/                        G7/           Dm7        G  /      C/
They're all the same, those pretty girls, Take tenderness, then they fly away

 C/        G/         Dm       G/       C/      C /       G/         Dm         G/       C /
Yellow bird, up high in banana tree, Yellow bird, you sit all alone like me,
F/                            C/                  
Let her fly away, in the sky away,
G7/                          C/                              
Pick a town and soon, take from night to noon.
F/                             Dm7/                     
Black and yellow you, like banana too,
G7/                                 C/
They might pick you some day.

C/                 Dm/                  G/                        C/
Wish that I were a yellow bird,   I'd fly away with you.
          C/               Dm/                G7/                Dm7         G/        C/            
But I'm not a yellow bird,       so here I sit,   nothing else to do
C  Cdim  / G      C  Cdim     / G           
Yellow   bird,     Yellow   bird......